Kindergarten class farewell card.
Lance's 60th
60th Birthday Card/Watercolour on coldpress paper.
Uncle Alexs 90th2
90th Birthday Card for family member.
Wedding caricature for family member.
Wedding caricature for family friend.
Caricature for local dentist nicknamed Dr. Oc!
Personalized caricatured Christmas card for family friend.
Dorothy's Resignation Card (inside)
Caricatured resignation card with googly eyes.
caricatures of kids
Rough caricatures for family cookbook. (See below)


Caricature for a friends 50th who happens to be a big Chiefs fan!
Caricature of a hockey family and their pets!
Caricature of two families who are DC fans!
Caricature of a friend’s son who plays for the Grads.
Fun caricature of neighbour’s daughter.
50th Wedding Anniversary caricatures of the parent in laws!

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